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Fort Stanwix National Monument


Fort Stanwix National MonumentVisit Fort Stanwix, where our shared heritage comes alive everyday, and explore the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the 18th century. Discover how people endured harsh lives along the Oneida Carrying Place, the superhighway of the 18th century, and directly contributed to the American victory at Saratoga and westward expansion through New York's gateway to the west.

Visitors are encouraged to start their experience of Fort Stanwix National Monument on the path to the fort, walking the Great Oneida Carrying Place. Once inside the Visitor Center, visitors receive an orientation from the ranger on duty.

After hearing and seeing some of the background history and drama of the events that happened at Fort Stanwix, join a ranger led program and gain a greater understanding of the struggles the events that happened at Fort Stanwix. Visitors have an opportunity to discover their own bridges to the past in the museum.

Other activities in the fort include living history programs. These programs are real hands-on activities for visitors. All visitors are welcome to watch a military drill demonstration and experience 18th century soldier life.

Getting There:
All major state routes thru Rome; 26, 46, 49, 69, and 365, pass within sight of the Monument. To get to Rome from the New York Thruway, take exit 32 at Westmoreland to Rt. 233 north to Rt. 365 west, following the signs to downtown Rome. City parking is available within sight of the Monument.

The entrance gate to the Monument requires a short walk of less than one quarter mile from the city parking facilities on James Street. The Monument has 3 short trails that encircle the fort. One of the trails follows a portion of the Oneida Carrying Place. The other two trails interpret the events of the siege of 1777.